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Welcome to my virtual home on the web.

These pages are a collection of information on my personal and professional interests. Despite having been a keen observer and enthusiastic user of many kinds of web and IT technology for longer than I like to admit, my personal homepage has never evolved into more than a collection of links most frequently used at a particular point in time. The reason is that I have been in charge of a number of other websites and net channels for the past couple of years. The number of communication channels that I have to "feed into" on a daily basis has led to my belief that while communication may be a good thing, the amount of communication a person can maintain at a reasonable standard is, of necessity, limited.

The pages you are now visiting are the result of a certain urge to build my own personal, properly furnished virtual home. The website you are currently visiting is the result of this impetus. It may not be perfect yet - in fact, ideally, it will remain in a state of flux, but I will try to make it as useable and organised as I possibly can. Enjoy!