This page lists some projects I am (or have been) involved in.

A Portal for Teaching and Learning (Corpus) Linguistics.
Team: Sabine Bartsch, Zhi Shen, Ella Syndikus, Richard Eckart
CorpusWeb: the central component for access to all the major corpora
ToolTerm: a Linguistic Terminology and Tools Wiki containing a glossary of terms, suggestions and how-tos for tools and lots of information about and around linguistics.
LingTrain: (Corpus- und Computer-)Linguistics Training Units
LingBib: a linguistics bibliography with running commentary and suggestions for reading
The project is funded through tuition fees (student aids, materials) and will aid the teaching and learning of linguistics in the English Linguistics section of the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies, TU Darmstadt.


Projektcluster 1: Collaborative Engineering. Teilprojekt des Projekts PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) - Virtuelle Produktentstehung

Funded by the Innovationsfonds des Landes Hessen

TEMPUS TACIS Projekt zur Verbesserung des fremdsprachlichen Unterrichts an der Udmurtischen Staatsuniversität in Izhevsk, Udmurtien.

Projektpartner: Institut für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft, TUD; Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; Technische Universität Helsinki, Finnland; Udmurtische Staatsuniversität, Izhevsk, GUS.

Workshop & conference organisation

This is a list of conferences and workshops I have organised (often together with colleagues) over the past few years.

Disziplinen und ihre Bilder - Vom Umgang mit visuellen Medien in Fachkulturen

Disciplinary images: domain-specific use of visual media

29. - 31. March 2007, S1 03 / 100 (Altes Hauptgebäude)

Call for papers


LingLitSpecialEvent am 28.07.2006

Aktuelle Themen in Informationsgewinnung und Wissensakquisition aus ingenieurwissenschaftlicher und sprachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive

Burning issues in information syndication and knowledge acquisition from the perspectives of engineering and linguistics

28. July 2006, 9:30 bis 16:00, S 1 03 / 121 (Altes Hauptgebäude),

Special guests:

Prof. Dr. John Bateman, Universität Bremen

Systemic Functional Linguistics and Corpus Analysis

21. July 2004, 9:45 bis 17:00, S 1 03 / 100 (Altes Hauptgebäude),

Special guests:

Prof. Hasan (Macquarie University, Australia), author of a large number of publications in the field of functional linguistics, co-author of Cohesion in English (1976) (with MAK Halliday)


Prof. Matthiessen (Macquarie University, Australia), author von Lexico-grammatical Cartography; co-author of Construing experience through meaning (with MAK Halliday).

The Computer in Language Learning, Teaching and Research

Symposium in commemoration of Prof. Leslie Siegrist

1. November 2002